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These Basic Rights are being taken away from us:

A woman’s right to choose


Our free and fair elections


Our children’s safety at community gatherings because of the lack of common-sense gun regulations

​Please Support these Candidates on Tuesday November 8th.

U.S. Congress





Jan Schakowsky

U.S. Congress, District 9







Brad Schneider

U.S. Congress, District 10






Adriene Johnson

State Senate, District 20







Maria Peterson

State Senate, District 26


State Representative







Daniel Didech

State Representative, District 59

Lake County 







Holly Kim

Lake County Treasurer






John Idleburg

Lake County Sheriff






Anthony Vega

Lake County Clerk





Dr. Michael Karner

Regional Superintendent of Schools

Jan Schakowsky.png
Brad Schneider.png
Adriene Johnson.png
Maria Peterson.png
Daniel Didech.png
holly kim_edited.png
john idleburg.jpg
anthony vega.jpg

Lake County Board







Sara Knizhnik

Lake County Board, District 18






Marah Altenberg

Lake County Board, District 19







Wendy Meister

Lake County Board, District 3





Jennifer Clark 

Lake County Board 15






Jessica Vealitzek

Lake County Board 10






Elizabeth Rochford

Illinois Supreme Court

Chris Kennedy

Appellate Court

State Wide




Tammy Duckworth

U.S. Senate





J.B. Pritzker







Alexi Giannoulias

Secretary of State








Michael Frerichs

State Treasurer








Susana Mendoza


Sara Knizhnik.png
Wendy Meister.png
Elizabeth Rochford.png
Marah Altenberg.png
Chris Kennedy.png
Tammy duckworth.jpg
jb pritzker.jpg
Suzan Mendoza.jpg

Paid for by Ela Township Democrats and Vernon Township Democrats

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